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3 Common Blood Sugar Myths We’re Falling For Every Day (Page 2)

2. Artificial Sweeteners


Your “perfect substitute” is actually just as bad.

Fake sweeteners are all the rage these days. They’re pumped into our soda, gum, juice, and yogurt and labeled as “sugar free” or “diet.”

But they HAVE to be better than sugar, right?

Wrong – these tricky chemicals can end up hurting you on several fronts.

First, they can alter how the body processes glucose. An Israeli study found that in the long-term, artificial sweetener users actually had HIGHER blood sugar levels!

Second, artificial sweeteners are a diet-killer. They’re a popular alternative to sugar…but studies have shown they can be just as bad, with NO positive affects on weight loss.

Third, artificial sweeteners actually increase your craving for sweet, sugary foods.

To avoid these, check for common artificial sweeteners at the grocery store: aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, or Ace K, and saccharin.

Unfortunately, that’s not all you need to watch for on your next shopping trip…