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The #1 Reason Why Crocodiles Never Fall Sick

Crocodiles live rough lives. They live in swamps and rivers that reek with microbes, and fight each other for territory, food, and mating rights. This often leaves them with gaping wounds and missing limbs that could fester into terrible infections.

Despite living in such conditions, crocodiles can heal up rapidly, and rarely fall sick.

Like, 99% of the time. And the reason is starting to attract interest from medical researchers all over the world.

So what’s the secret to their good health?

It turns out that a crocodile’s immune system is organized differently compared to ours. Keeping technical terms aside, Australian scientist Adam Britton has a very simple explanation: “The crocodile has an immune system which attaches to bacteria and tears it apart and it explodes.”

This includes viruses like the HIV virus, which is life-threatening to humans.

But how EXACTLY are they different from us that makes their bodies so resistant to such deadly diseases?

First, we have to look at what builds a strong immune system.

Higher oxygen levels.

Yes, I am referring to the very oxygen that is essential to all life on earth. Not surprising, eh?

According to Dr. Mark Sircus, who is an acupuncturist and doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine, all biological systems function better in elevated oxygen environments. Oxygen therapy also translates into more cellular energy and thus increased immune strength.

Michail Sitkovsky, an immunophysiology researcher at Northeastern University, also discovered that high oxygen levels in the body could awaken “sleepy” cells in the body that are capable of fighting tumors.

Hold on… what do crocodiles have to do with elevated oxygen levels?

Have you ever wondered why crocodiles can stay underwater for up to an hour without coming up for air? In comparison, the average human can only last for a few minutes at maximum.

This is because crocodiles’ bodies have a special mechanism that allows them to regulate oxygen levels in the body. This ensures that they do not exhaust all the oxygen that they breathe in one go.

Even though it’s usually used to hold their breaths for extended periods of time, another benefit of this oxygen regulatory system is that it gives them the ability to allocate more oxygen to areas which need it the most.

For example, areas which are fighting off infections or healing wounds.

They do not necessarily possess higher oxygen levels in their bodies, but they’re able to direct oxygen to areas that need it the most, and that is the key to their super-immune bodies.

There you have it… the #1 reason why crocodiles rarely fall sick, if ever.

In hindsight, don’t you wish we can do that too? Especially now, when life threatening diseases and super-viruses are claiming thousands of lives each day. It is therefore vital that we should protect our loved ones and ourselves by ensuring that our bodies has its best defenses up.

Unfortunately… we aren’t built like crocodiles.

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