5 Home Remedies For Hair Loss (Magical Egg Treatments?)

Many people wish that they could be young forever but sadly, beauty is fleeting. The modern trend is to do whatever is necessary to extend years of an attractive appearance since one is not able to literally add youthful years to his or her lifespan. For women, one way to achieve an effervescent look is by ensuring that their hair is long, beautiful, bouncy and shiny. On the other hand, men try to hold on to a vibrant look by maintaining a full head of hair.

Various situations account for hair loss. Whether caused by the natural process of hair growth, diseases or stress, strategies can be applied to counteract it. There are numerous prescribed treatments and over-the-counter solutions for growing hair, but these can be very pricy. Here are the top home remedies for hair growth. These have been proven to work and will keep your money in your wallet.

1- Fenugreek Seeds

Hair cells need a considerable amount of B vitamins to function effectively. Fenugreek supplies these cells with valuable nutrients which results in the strengthening of the hair root. This plant also stalls the process of hair shedding. Nutrients from Fenugreek seeds can be extracted by soaking them in water for a day.

The water can then be used as a conditioner and should be allowed to sit in the hair for at least thirty minutes. For the best result, cover with a steam cap which will increase circulation of the blood to the scalp. This will increase the absorption of nutrients from the treatment.

2- Rose Mary Oil

The Rosemary Oil is very useful in boosting hair growth. The high content of vitamins and key minerals in this plant revive hair cells and enhance their performance. The Rosemary oil can be added to any scalp treatment. Massage into the scalp on a daily basis to achieve rapid hair growth.

Rosemary essential oil is a stress-relieving oil. Once it gets into the blood system, it automatically fights against stress which is a major cause of hair loss. This concoction also minimizes baldness and is even more effective than some prescribed treatments. Doctors recommend that the Rosemary oil should not be used during pregnancy.

3- Magical Egg Treatment

Who would have thought that a simple egg could act as a medicinal element? The egg is a powerful agent for hair growth. The egg white is antibacterial and eliminates oils from the scalp. This causes the pores to open so that hair follicles can thrive. The egg yolk contains fatty acids, proteins, triglycerides and cholesterol which are valuable to the hair because they promote growth of hair follicles.

The egg yolk is a leading home remedy used for strengthening hair. It also delays the telogen (hair shedding) phase of the hair lifespan. The egg should be whisked and applied to the hair and scalp. After massaging generously, the hair should be well washed and conditioned.

4- Licorice

The Licorice root has an abundance of flavonoids which strengthen the immune system. When the immune system is protected, hair cells will function better because healthy hair cells stimulate hair growth. The licorice root acts as an excellent stress reliever. It reduces the amount of cortisol that circulates in the blood.

Once cortisol is reduced, stress is automatically reduced. Licorice root powder can be added to hot beverages as a sweetener and the powder can be used as a hair mask and left to stand for approximately fifteen minutes. The result will be stronger and shinier hair. This treatment fights against hair breakage. The sweet fragrance of Licorice makes the experience relaxing.


5- Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most complete oils that is readily available. It protects the scalp and stimulates hair growth. It contains nutrients and carbohydrates which produce healthy, long and shiny hair. It is said to stand as one of the favorite oils in India and is in high demand because of its properties which prevent baldness.

Coconut oil can be kneaded into the scalp to strengthen hair follicles. The hair should be properly washed after this is done. An alternative treatment is simply to use coconut oil as a regular hair oil. Ongoing use will cause hair to spring up rapidly.

Bonus- Hair Loss Triggers?

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These mistakes make the problem worse, causing more hair to fall out, and the remaining hair gets thinner. These mistakes are called “hair loss triggers.” Once you discover and identify the trigger(s) affecting you, your hair problems will be a thing of the past. Click on the button below to instantly find out a simple solution to avoid these “mistakes” and kick-start your journey to fuller and thicker hair.



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